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We are very excited to begin bringing our patients the benefits of Kinesio Tape! But, first off, what is it? You remember seeing all that flashy tape on professional athletes at the Olympics these past games? That is kinesio tape! Other than being intriguing to the eye, this sometimes flashy tape has many medical uses. Kinesio tape was made to help with your body’s natural healing process, by placing KT tape on an injured area, the tape lifts the skin and decompresses the layers of skin and muscle underneath. The lifting of the skin allows for a greater movement of fluids under the skin which aids in removing any cellular debris and stagnant cells, thus relieving pain and inflammation. And, the best part about Kinesio Tape is that you don’t need to be an Olympian to use it! Any person can use Kinesio Tape in their daily lives! Whether you are a busy mom picking up children all day, an athlete training for your first marathon, or an average joe just trying to start a workout regimen, Kinesio Tape can help!

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Some of the possible benefits associated with KT taping are as follows:

  • pain relief

  • accelerated recovery after workouts or injuries

  • postural support

  • reduced swelling and inflammation

  • muscular and joint support

  • greater movement of muscles

Existing and new patients, please ask Keegan about Kinesio Tape when you come into the office next time! She would be glad to apply this pain reducing tape for you so you can feel the benefits come your way! 

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